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Bantul Government made a cooperation with PT Jasa Raharja Putra, an accident insurance for tourist in tourism objects

To provide safety, comfort and calm for visitors or tourists attractions which come in Bantul, Bantul regency government in cooperation with PT Jasa Raharja Putera Yogyakarta branch provides benefit to travelers who had an accident in the tourism object.

For the reason there was a signing of the cooperation between the Government of Bantul with PT Jasas Raharja putera passed by the Regent of Bantul Hj. Sri Surya Widati, Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Drs. Bambang Legowo, MSi. and Branch Manager PT. Jasa Raharja Putera Yogyakarta branch , Dwi Tatag Swasana, SH, in Bantul Regent Work Room, Monday (27/5).

In its report Disbudpar Head Drs. Bambang Legowo Msi said about maintenance delivery to the casual tourist district aims to make you feel safe, comfortable and quiet for visitors, the Bantul Regency make a cooperation with PT Jasa Raharja Putera with a period of two years and can be renewed.

Legowo Bambang added that the cooperation that has been done in the first phase ended in 2011. For this second phase of cooperation letter is valid from 1 May 2013 to 20 April 2015.

Meanwhile in his speech Bantul Regent conveyed gratitude to PT Jasa Raharja Putera Yogyakarta branch that has give money for the victim of tourist spot available in Bantul, with little hope that the money can ease families of the victims.

"The government of Bantul have tried as much as possible to minimize the occurrence of accidents with victims brought in the sights with a professional rescue team deploying, installing signs and warnings through loudspeakers officer. But many visitors from outside Bantul who came in a tourist area like in Parangtritis and other beaches less attention to warning signs and officers so that they are interested in swimming at the beach which is very dangerous. "said Regent of Bantul.

At the occasion, Head of PT. Services Raharja Prince Dual Tatag Swasana SH convey that the money for the victims originated from the premium attractions of Rp. 250, - per visitor substantially unchanged. While the warranty coverage for disabled victims of Rp 10 million does not change, the victim died from Rp. 5 million to Rp. 7 million, the cost of treatment for victims of Rp. 1.5 million and the cost of burial for the victims without heirs scale fixed santunan Rp. 500 thousand (Nc)

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