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Three UPK PNPM Mandiri Building inaugurated, Regent: The poor need to be more prosperous

Vice- Regent of Bantul Regent Drs H Soemarno PRS , Sunday ( 22/12 ) afternoon inaugurated the completion of the construction of UPK ( Unit Activity Management ) PNPM ( National Program for Community Empowerment ) Independent Rural District of Pleret , District and Sub-District Bambanglipuro Dlingo , Bantul . The inauguration , which was centered in the District UPK Pleret marked the signing of the inscriptions as well as a review of the circumference symbolically .

According to organizers , Afandi , SIP for the District UPK building measuring 6x8 meters construction Pleret spent Rp 127 600 000 , - . Then building measuring 8x8 meters Bambanglkipuro UPK , construction spending Rp 180 million , done within 3 months . As for CGU District of Dlingo building , measuring 8x12 meters , construction of spent Rp 218,153,000 , - , worked for three months . The third building was constructed in the sub-district office complex with each region , Afandi SIP said .

In a written speech read by Vice Regent Drs H Soemarno PRS , Bantul Regent Hj Sri Surya Widati among others stressed that any development that is carried over , giving great attention to poverty reduction . In order that required handling steps are systematic , consistent , comprehensive and integrated and continuous , Hj Regent Sri Surya Widati said adding that the local government gave a high appreciation of the completion of the construction of buildings that CGU .

Regent also pointed out that through a model of community empowerment in PNPM Rural , the government was determined to reduce the burden of public expenditure , while meeting the rights of citizens are feasible , the expansion and improvement of the income of poor families , through rural development activities are participatory , equitable and sustainable . Thus , slowly but surely going to be the cornerstone of the system or the backbone of the national development plan as written speech regent while adding PNPM Rural laid back village which has autonomy , should be the basis of development and should be able to independently reduce poverty .

Meanwhile, Head of PMD Lies Nugrohowati Bantul , SIP , MSi . adding that the jamboree of UPK PNPM Rural in 2013 , also held a bazaar of PNPM activities in the field MPD Wonokromo Pleret on Saturday ( 21/12 ) , gymnastics gathering ( Sunday morning , 22/12 ) in the field Wonokromo , followed the inauguration of the three buildings that CGU . (Nc)

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