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Sunday Wage, 24 Jun 2012 20:08 WIB | (899) hits | Comment

Bantul PDAM Basic Rates is the Lowest in Yogyakarta

Customer base rate for PDAM ( Local Firm of Drinking Water) Bantul Regency is the lowest rate in Yogyakarta. Bantul rate is Rp. 1500, while Sleman PDAM applying the basic rate of Rp. 2500, - and Rp Gunungkidul. 3500, -.

The above items submitted by the Director of PDAM Bantul Kabupaen Drs. Yudi Indarto, MM while answering questions from legislators guests of Morotai Islands District of North Maluku Province , Tuesday (12/6).

"PDAM Bantul have a capasity of 900 cubic feet of water per second, serving 16 thousand customers, or about 20 percent of the total population in Bantul. While the growth of population in Bantul about 1 percent per year. With the number of population and development that will impact the potential for the existence of PDAM." Yudi added.

While the chief guest , Ali Sangaji , SE, MM in his speech said that the area is still relatively left behind compared with Bantul district and Java in particular. So the visit will learn about local government firms in order to advance the economic system of the regions so contributing local income and the success of government programs.

In the event the Regent of Bantul, represented by Assistant Economic and Development Dr. Suyoto HS, Msi, MM in his speech said that the only Bantul District in Yogyakarta which prohibits the establishment of the mall. "Due to the mall will shut down small shops owned by local people in radius of one kilometer and will shut off traditional market near the mall, so Bantul regency stayed with a determination not to permit the establishment of the mall." Suyoto said.

Bantul regency even once involve in PTUN court by employers who want to establish the mall due to the ban, but won the case Bantul regency.

Guests of good quality copra-producing district then continued teh visit to the center of leather craft center Manding and PSG Bantul to buy typical souvenirs of Bantul. (nurcholis)

  • Bobbyposted Monday Kliwon, 6 Jan 2014 10:49 WIB

    How about quality water? the colour like tea or brown ? would .you lern how to make white clear water ? thank you

  • Bobbyposted Saturday Wage, 25 Jan 2014 21:54 WIB

    Its been 3 day we are living at perumahan sewon baru and the water very poor, some time coming little, some time stop, stupid pdam making our staf broken, example washing machine, can you imagen ?

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