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Bantul administrative SIGN COOPERATION with PT TELKOM. Online Sales become quick “Channel”

SMEs (Small Medium and Micro), according to Bantul Regent Drs H Suharsono, has great potential in economic development. Neither of the behavioral aspects of the business as well as aspects of its workforce. To that end, the process of empowerment of SMEs should be able to improve the competitiveness of SMEs which is the bigest economic base which has been able to increase the resistance of the current economic crisis emerged, as experienced during the economic crisis a few years ago. "I hope the program hometown of SME digital future, not just limited to the issue of utilization of the products of PT Telkom in Indonesia in the form of online transactions only. But also learning in SMEs on management and sales strategy online that could become channels fast, up to date, and innovative, "said Regent Bantul Drs H Suharsono.

Regent Drs H Suharsono confirmed this in his speech on Wednesday (30/11) after the signing of the agreement between Bantul with PT Telkom, in pendapa Parasamya. Also present at the occasion, assistant Of the Secretary, Head Of Departments, and Drs Fatoni as Head Of Sanden and Dra Sri Kayatun, Head of Pajangan. The signing of the agreement by the Regent of Bantul Drs H Suharsono, while the PT Telkom conducted by Kakandatel (Head of the Regional Office of Telecommunications), PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk Witel DIY Bantul, M Solahudin. Simultaneously it, do also launching SME Digital village by the Chairman of National Crafts Council of Yogyakarta Hj.Erna Suharsono, the village in the District of Sanden and Pajangan.

According to the regent, besides the canal is expected to be fast, update and innovative, always expected to also be able to answer any and all claims for consumers around the world can access everything related products. "It's very important to be realized. And for the crafters in Bantul, I once again hope to be able to master the more advanced tools applied to this", said Regent Bantul Drs H Suharsono.

Similar expression was also made Head of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives (Perindagkop) Bantul, Drs Sulistyanto MPd. According to the number one in Perindagkop Bantul, the programs hometown of SMEs in Bantul implemented since August 2016, with implementation centered on centers of handicrafts . for the region Sanden, pilot project this program was implemented in the craft center water hyacinth, handicrafts made from coconut shells and culinary (Red: region Murtigading village). While the District of displays, pilot project in the center of wooden batik in Hamlet Krebet, Sendangsari, Pajangan. "We welcome this program", said Head of Pajangan Dra Sri Kayatun and Sanden, Drs Fatoni to 'Sejada' Bantul after the signing of the cooperation agreement between Bantul with PT Telkom.

Two leader of Muspika (Red: Pajangan Muspika, Dra Sri Kayatun and Sanden Muspika, Drs Fatoni ) also explained that in the region he leads is very potential with a very distinctive handicrafts. In fact, according Fatoni, now crafts in the region Sanden also opened outlets in Bantul District Veterans Office complex, located in the hamlet Mandingan , Ringinharjo, Bantul. While Kadinas Perindagkop Bantul, Drs Sulistyanto MPd adding that now the majority of SMEs already have a website or online store through training provided by PT Telkom to the SMEs. Thus, market access and sales turnover of SMEs is expected increasing and an increase in export value in Bantul. (eng)

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