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Tuesday Legi, 27 Dec 2016 03:26 WIB | (374) hits | Comment

203 Hamlet In Bantul Receive Reward DB4MK Plus 2016

Plus DB4MK reward annually awarded to the hamlet judged to meet the criteria as a free hamlet of 4 (four) health problems and tuberculosa (TB). 2016 reward was given to 203 hamlets, each received Rp. 2,500,000. Total funds provided is Rp. 507.5 million. Delivery of reward is done symbolically in the hall II Manding local government office, Wednesday (21/12).

"Reward is given with the intention that the entire community excited again and intensively implement motion control efforts of health problems. Reward given to the village by criteria Non Death of Mother & Baby, Free Case Malnutrition Non Kausu DBD, Public Participation in IHC min 90% in 12 months, Childbirth helped by Tebaga Health 100%, Figures Larva (ABJ) min 95% in 12 month, "said Mr. Sidiq Head of Bantul Health Office of Health Promotion.

The purpose of the reward system is to improve public health through potential exploration and community participation. In addition special purpose DB4MK Plus is changing the mindset, attitudes and patterns of acts of public officials and dealing with health issues, reducing maternal deaths, reducing infant mortality, decrease the amount of nutrients bruk, lowering the number of DHF cases and to improve TB case detection.

With the hamlet DB4MK Pluls achieved is not the end result of Bantul Health Development. We still have to work hard, work smart, work sincerely and completing work to achieve the goals of Health Development with emphasis on preventive-promotive (eng)

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