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The Regent of Bantul Receives the visit of the New Indonesian Ambassador to Suriname.

BANTUL, DISKOMINFO - This afternoon Julang Pujianto, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Suriname and the Republic of Guyana, based in Paramaribo, took time to visit Bantul Regency to follow up on the Indonesian Embassy in Suriname's cooperation with the Bantul Regency in the economic sector, namely handicraft training in the form of batik crafts , shell, woven and others.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Suriname was welcomed by the Regent of Bantul Suharsono with the Assistant Government and related OPD in the Regent's Work Room at the Parasamya Complex in Bantul. Thursday (2/14).

In his remarks the Regent of Bantul welcomed and thanked for the visit of the Ambassador of Suriname to Bantul, regarding the development of cooperation in the transfer of handicraft knowledge and technology. The Regent expects the support of all parties for the smoothness and success of this joint program.

"I offer for this craft training, you can add batik or leather crafts," he said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador to Suriname said, Indonesia and Suriname synergized in the development of small and medium-sized industries (IKM) through the holding of the Indofair integrated exhibition which was held at the Sana Budaya Complex Building, Paramaribo, Suriname. Aside from being a means of promoting superior IKM products, this activity also has the opportunity to expand the export market and enhance bilateral economic cooperation.

"The friendly relationship between Indonesia and Suriname has been strongly intertwined, given the same cultural background, especially from Java. This needs to be grateful because the Javanese community in Suriname is still trying to maintain its culture so that it is always carried as a heritage and tradition of the local community," he said.

The visit to Bantul, the Indonesian Ambassador to Suriname and his group visited the leather craft center in Manding Bantul. He was very amazed by the work of the people of Bantul, whose quality was not inferior to foreign products.

"This product is very good and smooth, we just need to have a better packaging and be able to Go International," he said. (mw)

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