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Friday Pahing, 12 Apr 2019 14:29 WIB | (42) hits | Comment

10.Ensure Orderly Management, Bantul Regency Government Holds Official Vehicle Appliances

News Photo 3977 BANTUL, DISKOMINFO - To see the condition of the vehicle used by the Regional Organization (OPD), whether it is in accordance with the administration or not, whether it is treated or not, BKAD Bantul holds an official vehicle at Trirenggo Bantul Field. Friday (2/15).

According to the Head of BKAD's Asset Division, Anas Jauhari, SE, this activity is to match the administration of the STNK, Order Number, Machine Number, BPKB is same or not as the vehicle asset database. "In addition, this vehicle's apple to find out the vehicle registration is extended or not," said Anas.

Besides that, we will also arrange the vehicles for each OPD to be sufficient or not. Or even too much and above the average age of use.

"The vehicle appliances are carried out gradually every Friday morning, the first stage was carried out last week. We carried out it gradually because it was an impossible place for all OPDs to be carried out," he said.

Meanwhile the mandate of the Bantul Regent was conveyed by the Regional Secretary Drs. Helmi Jamharis, MM, confirmed that this official vehicle appliances was intentionally carried out as one of the efforts to find out the level of responsibility of all OPDs, on inventory items, especially the vehicles it manages.

"I want to ensure that all DPOs are truly responsible for this, so that official vehicles are used in accordance with the existing rules and regulations, and are really in good condition and are suitable to be used in supporting the implementation of tasks," he said.

"Maybe now there are still vehicles in a bad condition, even in arrears of tax. Therefore, I ask all OPDs to pay more attention to the maintenance of the vehicles used. Then in the distribution of vehicles, I advise them to be on target, which means vehicles "It must be in accordance with the main tasks and functions of the OPD," he said.

Because official vehicles are obtained from APBD sourced from the people, so it must be considered for. "This is a form of our shared commitment in the context of improving the arrangement of Regional Property (BMD) to support the administration of government and service to the community," he added.

The appliances vehicle activity is carried out in two stages, namely the administrative inspection and physical inspection stages conducted by the Team from the BPK DIY Representative assisted by the Asset Sector BKAD Bantul Regency. (mw)

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