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Friday Pahing, 12 Apr 2019 14:34 WIB | (37) hits | Comment

The Regent of Bantul Planting Tree Seeds and Sowing Fish in Rawa Kalibayem

Diskominfo-Regent of Bantul Drs. H. Suharsono this morning planted tree seeds and sowing fish in Rawa Kalibayem, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan. Friday (2/22).

According to the Head of Village Ngestiharjo, Fathoni Ariwibowo, in Rawa Kalibayem, we have great expectations a place for cultural icons and tourist icons at Ngestiharjo, because we hope that this place will have joglo art performances and then an art cottage and become the Ngestiharjo center and east of Rawa Kalibayem will be made wana Ngestiharjo village.

"Hopefully today's motivation will increase our enthusiasm to build Ngestiharjo in particular for the development of tourist destinations in Rawa Kalibayem," explained Fathoni Ariwibowo.

In his speech, the Regent of Bantul hoped that from this activity there would also be a growing sense of togetherness and cooperation in the context of the synergy of all elements of the community in Ngestiharjo Village to work together to build our region in order to realize the welfare of the entire community.

"We will continue to try to build communication by going down to the field to find out what obstacles are faced by the community, so that if there are obstacles, it can be resolved immediately through the related OPD," said the Regent.

The regent of Bantul advised that we should be vigilant and cautious about sara issues that can divide national unity and encourage wiser use of information technology, because not all information on social media can be accounted for. (mw)

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