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Friday Pahing, 12 Apr 2019 14:35 WIB | (60) hits | Comment

16.Commemorating the 69th Anniversary of Satpol PP Bantul, Holds an Event on Car Free Day

Diskominfo - Enliven the 69th Anniversary of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and the 57th Anniversary of the Community Protection Unit (Satlinmas) at Bantul Regency, this morning coincided with the Car Free Day Bantul activity at the Zero Point of Bantul City. Sunday (24/2).

This week's view of the CFD was different after doing aerobic exercise, followed by a joint healthy walk along the Bantul Protocol road which was attended by SatpolPP and Satlinmas members. Of course there is always a door prize for the community that has been provided by the sponsor or committee.

According to the Head of the Bantul Satpol PP Julius Suhartaka, this CFD event was chosen as the right moment to deliver the socialization of the Satpol PP program at the age of 69. He invited the residents of Bantul to maintain a conducive environment ahead of the upcoming April presidential election.

The same thing was also expressed by the Head of Satpol PP DIY Noviar Rahmad, in his speech he invited the people of Bantul to participate in the success of the Presidential Election with a cheerful and happy spirit. Stay away from people's hostility and division, because of the choice of a different president or party, Noviar hoped.

In front of Satpol PP and Satlinmas Bantul members, he said, the importance of prioritizing the humanistic side in dealing with the problems of public order.

Meanwhile Secretary of Bantul Helmi Jamharis who came to represent the Regent of Bantul, in his speech, hopefully this CFD activity can be one of solution to improve the quality of life that is healthier, more comfortable and cleaner.

I appeal to the community to exercise regularly, at least once a week, the reluctance to do non-routine exercise is the basis for the arrival of diseases in the human body, he said.

Considering the importance of sports for body fitness, it would be nice, who didnt have time to come to this CFD, in each hamlet there were similar mass exercises.

On this special Sunday, we on behalf of the Bantul Regency Government express our gratitude and appreciation to the large family of the Satpol PP and Satlinmas of Bantul Regency who will soon be birthday.

I hope that the Satpol PP and Satlinmas of Bantul Regency will always improve their preparedness, so that peace and order in the community can be shared with us, Helmi said. (mw)

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