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Friday Pahing, 12 Apr 2019 14:35 WIB | (39) hits | Comment

Regent of Bantul: I Receive this Public Market to be Cared for, Kept clean.

DISKOMINFO - Located in Pasar Turi Sidomulyo Bambanglipuro, this morning the Inauguration of the Development of six Publics Markets was held, ceremonial ribbon scissors and the signing of six inscriptions by the Regent of Bantul Drs. H. Suharsono, marked the operation of the six markets. The People's Market consists of Turi Market in Sidomulyo Bambanglipuro, Jodog Market in Gilangharjo Pandak, Bendosari Market in Canden Jetis, Gumulan Market in Caturharjo Pandak and Bantul Market. Tuesday (2/26).

Present at the Inauguration of the People's Market Development, Bantul Regent Suharsono, Government Assistant, Head of Related OPD, Sub-District Head, Village Head in Bambanglipuro District, Market Village in Bantul Regency and a number of invited guests.

According to the Head of the Bantul Trade Service, Ir. Subiyanto Hadi, M.M., in his remarks, the source of funds for the development of the Bantul Market in 2018 came from the Regional Budget of Rp. 2,283,787,000, while the budget for rehabilitation of the People's Market in 2018 is Rp. 5,345,112,000 for the market which includes: Pasar Gatak, Pasar Turi, Pasar Bendosari, Pasar Gumulan and Pasar Jodog.

The inauguration of this market was enlivened by the entertainment of Gejog Lesung, Reog Wayang, Jathilan and at night it will be held overnight Leather Puppets with mastermind Ki Seno Nugroho.

With the construction of the peoples market to increase the comfort of both traders, buyers and market visitors. As well as removing the negative image or stigma of the shabby, smelly, muddy market, dirty, changing into a clean, safe, comfortable, beautiful and healthy market, Subiyanto said.

The inauguration of the peoples market building rehabilitation takes the theme of the People's Market Ready to Compete for several programs from the Bantul Trade Office for empowering traders, in which activities to improve human resources, institutions and market promotion have been carried out.

Meanwhile the Regent of Bantul Suharsono, in part of his mandate, invited traders to serve buyers with a smile, so that buyers feel happy. Do not let the merchant serve buyers with a sullen face, this will affect the disruption of transactions that will harm the seller. The construction of community market facilities is intended to attract market visitors, with the convenience of the market expected to be able to stimulate the market.

Development of the People's Market is part of the responsibility and commitment of the Bantul Regency Government as an effort to prosper the community, both market development through APBD and DAK Funds, the aim is no other so that economic access is increasingly evident in the midst of society and that is what we always achieve and improve, he said .

The Regent of Bantul advised market managers, traders and the general public to always take care, maintain cleanliness and beauty of the market. (mw)

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