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Friday Pahing, 12 Apr 2019 14:36 WIB | (40) hits | Comment

The Regent of Bantul Inaugurates and Launches Regional-Based Street Vendor Arrangement

Diskominfo - In order to create a comfortable area for street vendors and buyers, the Bantul Regency Government inaugurated and launches the Regional-Based street vendor Arrangement in the Culinary Center of Angkruksari Donotirto Kretek, Bantul. Thursday (28/2).

The Culinary Park launching was attended by the Regent of Bantul Suharsono, Economic and Development Assistant, Regent Expert, related OPD, Kretek District Muspika, Imogiri District Muspika, Village Head and Donotirto BPD, Village Head and BPD Karangtalun, Central Association Board (DPP) Merchant Association Lima Street (APKLI), APKLI DIY, APKLI Bantul, APKLI 17 DPC, District of Bantul, and a number of crew members in print, online and electronic media.

Head of Bantul Trade Office Ir. Subiyanto Hadi , In his speech, said, the Inauguration and Launching of Region-Based Street Vendors (PKL) Arrangements was carried out in two locations: the Former Angkruksasri Market Area, Donotirto, Kretek Bantul with the name as Angkruksari Culinary Park Center and the Former Imogiri Market Area as Imogiri Culinary Park.

The construction of the culinary park, originating from the Bantul Regency Regional Budget in 2018, amounted to Rp. 1,282,000,000, - with details of Rp. 621,400,000, - for the construction of the Angkruksari Culinary Park, while the Imogiri Culinary Park costs Rp. 661,048,000, -. Based on a study of the arrangement of street vendors in Bantul Regency there are 2550 street vendors with various types of merchandise, such as: small shops, food stalls, angkringan stalls, and stalls with other models, explained Subiyanto.

Although the Culinary Park has been built in Kretek and Imogiri to accommodate street vendors, not all PKLs have been accommodated in the two culinary parks, there are 150 street vendors in Imogiri Subdistrict, only 54 temporary street vendors can be accommodated, while in Kretek Subdistrict there are 404 street vendors only 72 The street vendors are temporarily accommodated in the Culinary Park.

I hope that in the coming years, this Region-Based Culinary Park can be built in all sub-districts throughout Bantul Regency, he hoped.

Meanwhile the Regent of Bantul, Suharsono, welcomed the launch of the Culinary Park to accommodate the street vendors, he hoped that the existence of this place could improve the economy of the residents and become a culinary tourism destination in Bantul Regency. I remain committed to providing the best for the people of Bantul, this market development is an effort of the Bantul Regency Government to lift the economic potential of the area or region, with the arrangement of this market expected to provide a sense of comfort for business people or traders and buyers, said Suharsono.

To the traders, the Regent of Bantul invited to maintain the quality or quality of merchandise, serve buyers with a smile and greet, and provide reasonable prices to buyers. Never nuthuk, give the best for buyers to feel comfortable and not give up in buying food or goods, he added.

The launch event was enlivened with the title of performing arts such as single organs, dances and jathilan. After inaugurating the Regent of Bantul and a number of invited guests enjoying typical Bantul snacks, such as noodles, tongseng ayam, wedhang ronde and so on. (mw)

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